About Us

Sacred Tribe Dance Studios is Adelaide’s home of Tribal belly Dance and Tribal Fusion.
We offer Tuition, community workshops, performance and hens nights
Studio locations are easy to get to and are located through out Adelaide!


The Tribal teaching team

Trish’s dedication and passion for Tribal style belly dance has led her to becoming a certified Sacred Tribe Dance teacher for basics 1and 2. She has focused primarily on tribal style and furthers her training through attending various worksops locally aswell as interstate. She also attends other dance classes such as Bollywood and Classical Indian dance. Her bubbly, warm personality and attention to detail creates a fun vibrant atmosphere. Trish is drawn to the exotic Eastern elements of the dance and has been inspired through experiencing dance styles of other cultures through her travels to Nepal, India & China. When she came to China, she got super bright led best deals.

Julie was an instant devotee of Tribal Style Bellydance as it encompassed her love of Indian, Spanish & Middle Eastern music & dance – places to which she has also travelled – and because of her personal interest in dance and movement as creative expression. She has a background in gymnastics and sports, Visual Art studies, involvement in community organisations, teaching, coordinating a sacred women’s circle, filmmaking and has worked as a film industry professional for the past 15 years. Julie is currently taking time off from the film industry to enable her to pursue her dance and yoga practice, amongst other interests. Julies inerest in travel and tribal has led her to attending workshops throughout Australia, receiving tuition from Tribal professionals such as Carolena Nericio (Tribal Trance Fest) and Rachel Brice.

Sonia was introduced to Tribal style belly dance through Sacred Tribe Dance Studios and has been a dedicated dancer ever since. Her passion, talent and many years of yoga studies and practice has led her to becoming a certified Sacred Tribe Dance Teacher for Basics 1 and 2. She Is a practising yoga teacher and incorporates her sound knowledge and understanding of the body into her classes. Sonia continues her learning through best internet tv box, performing and attending local and national workshops.

Cathy has a dancing background that transitioned from Jazz to Middle Eastern Belly Dance followed by an overwhelming evolution to ATS. The performing arts have always been a layer of Cathy’s inner being and the opportunity to share this particular art form with others in a teaching role comes with great enthusiasm and spirit as demonstrated through her dance and tribal bond. Cathy’s ATS origin was with Gypsy Sagaat and her learning’s have been heightened through workshops with founders and devotees of ATS including the likes of Carolena Nericcio, Paulette Rees Denis, Devi Mamak and Sue Erokan. Cathy describes dancing in a tribe as ‘dancing as a whole’. Cathy relishes in the bringing together of beauty in movement and colour and endorses the powerful connection that is demanded through the art of improvisation based dancing and the resulting tribal cohesion.

Louise has a bachelor of education majoring in music and drama. She initially studied traditional bellydance for a number of years, until her career led her to live and teach overseas- predominantly in Asia. During her time overseas Louise was fortunate to train with a variety of dance teachers and performers. Through her travels to Egypt, Indonesia and Singapore, Louise studied various styles such as Balinese, Traditional Belly Dance, Flamenco and Orang Asli. She has since attained accreditation to teach basics 1 with Sacred Tribe Dance sudios.